If you are looking for a professional, licensed, and reputable roofing company for your project, you might have one important question: “Should I go for a local or national roofing company?” The answer might depend on the type of project you need to complete. 

However, in general, local roofing companies offer benefits that you won’t be able to find when working with a national or international company. 

In the sections below, you can find some of these unique benefits – but don’t forget to get in touch with ProRoofers directly to learn about what to expect from partnering with us. 

1. It Is Easy To Validate Licenses

Checking a company’s license is one of the most important steps to take to ensure that the company you are hiring for your project is accredited, trained, trustworthy, and experienced. However, when working with a national or international roofing company, it can be hard to make sure that their licenses are accurate, valid, and authentic. 

When working with a local roofing company, you can get in touch directly with the executives and the local authorities to check that their licenses are in order. 

2. You Can Find Local Testimonials

There is no better way to know if a roofing company is right for your residential roofing project than checking their reviews, referrals, portfolio, and testimonials. In most cases, homeowners even tend to opt for companies that have been recommended by family members and trusted friends! 

In the case of national companies, you might be able to learn about their experience via their website and publicly available testimonials. But this will never be the same as seeing their previous projects improving your town and speaking to people that have had a direct experience with a certain company. 

3. You Can Get To Know the Team

The contractor you hire for your roofing or siding project will be directly responsible for the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your home. Of course, you can learn about a company’s construction team on their “about us” page, but is this enough to trust them with such an important job?

When partnering with a local company, you don’t have to read about a team on a website! Instead, you can get to know the team and create valuable relationships with local talent and professionals. Over time, this network can help you ensure continuity in your home renovation and maintenance projects and unparalleled peace of mind. 

4. You Would Be Helping Your Community

Whether you are undergoing a residential or commercial roofing project, the contractor you choose will make a difference in your community. When opting for local professionals, you will be creating jobs and fueling the local economy. 

While choosing between a national and local company can be hard, helping the local community will always pay you back! And, since for local companies reputation is everything, you can be sure to count on personalized, caring service.

5. They Will Be Experienced With the Area

Each area is different in terms of regulation, climate conditions, and materials availability. Local contractors will have unparalleled knowledge of the area and will be able to count on an extensive network of contacts and local professionals. This means that they can recommend the right materials for your roofing project, suitable timings, and other contractors you can count on.

6. Local Contractors Are Familiar With Local Building Codes and Authorities

Building codes and regulations are different in each area. The contractor you choose will be in charge of licensing, building, and scaffolding. So, partnering with a local contractor for your roofing or siding project means that the roofing company you have selected is already familiar and experienced with local rules, permits, and licenses. 

This means using local professionals is a much quicker and straightforward process than waiting for a national company to find its way around local rules and authorities!

7. It Is Easier To Communicate and Interact With a Local Contractor

During your roofing or siding project, communication is everything. Firstly, you will need to share your vision with the contractor you have hired. And, even after you have agreed on a design, you will have to communicate your needs, preferred budget, and timings. All of this can be difficult when you are dealing with an extensive national company. 

Oppositely, when partnering with local contractors, you will have the chance to speak directly with the company’s owner or executives. This means that the entire communication process is easier and streamlined. And, in the case of an emergency, local contractors will be able to be on-site in a matter of minutes!

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