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5 Summer Time Roof Maintenance Tips for Your Home

When summer arrives, it’s always time to enjoy fun outdoor activities with family or friends. You may choose to go for a picnic, grilling, go to the beach or do home maintenance. With home maintenance, there is no shortage of activities. You can clean the back yard or do roof maintenance with help from a roofing company.

Of course, outdoor home maintenance isn’t supposed to be fun, but it will make sure your home is durable during summertime as well as winter. Roof maintenance is vital and should be a primary objective for your home. Here are five tips you should know.

Get Rid of the Dirt and Debris on the Roof

You will need to inspect your roof to see if it has any debris, moss, or algae. If so, you can wear gloves, use a ladder, go up and remove it carefully. You can also choose to do the work in the morning since during summer it can get scorching hot.

Just like branches and leaves, debris can block the gutter, and the roof will become dirty. Also, too much dirt on the gutter can cause them to break down and later damage the roof. Most of the dirt comes about during spring hence summer being the ideal time to eliminate it.

Thorough Inspection

You will need to inspect the roof thoroughly to find out if it is damaged. Also, check if there are any missing or broken shingles. High winds often displace shingles. Storms and rainwater will cause cracks and leaks on the roof. So, if you notice your roof has been damaged, you can reach out to a contractor to repair the issues.

Inspect the Metal Strips

Several roofs have metal elements around the chimney and vents. The metal strips and the gutters can become loose during winter. Replacing or fixing the loosened strips during summer will be cheaper than waiting for them to weaken.

Cut off the Hanging Tree Limbs

Having trees in your backyard and surrounding the house is excellent for several reasons. However, having tree limbs hanging over the roof is unsafe. During a storm, tree limbs can break down and cause significant damage to your roof. So, if you have dead branches, cut them down to avoid unnecessary damage.

Get Rid of Mold

It is crucial to check your roof from time to time for mold. It will help you be alert so that you can spot shingle damage. If you’re not sure, you can pick a ladder and check through the attic. If the mold can be seen, you may notice that water has passed through, leaving a hole in the roof. If the roof is damaged, you should contact a contractor to come to fix it.

Always performing outdoor home maintenance is making sure your home is safe and healthy in the long-term. Roof maintenance tasks will not take much of your time. When you hire a professional contractor, you will save time and money. That’s why it’s essential to contact Pro Roofers:

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